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Certificate orders received by 3pm will be submitted to the state on the same business day and should be processed by the state within 24 hours.

Certificate Types:

  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Suspension
  • Certificate of Forfeiture
  • Certificate of Dissolution
  • Certificate of Surrender
  • Certificate of Cancellation
  • Certificate of Filing of All Documents
  • Certificate of No Record
  • and other certificates

Step 1: Complete the order form.

Click the link below to open our order form in your web browser. Fill out the form and save it to your hard drive.

SOS Corporate & Court Services Certificates Order Form (PDF)

Step 2: Send the order form to us.

Send the order form to us via email, fax, or postal mail:

Email: [email protected]

FAX: (916) 442-4873

Mailing address:

520 9th STREET, SUITE 103

We will email you to acknowledge receipt of your order.

Step 3: Pay for your order.

Fee: $15 per certificate* plus $35 per business entity

*The Secretary of State fee is $15 per certificate except for the Certificate of Filing of All Documents. For the Certificate of Filing of All Documents, the state charges $5 per document and you must pay for every document on record so their fee will vary.

Per business entity, please add our $35 service fee. You can request more than one certificate for each business entity.

Pay for your order using one of these methods:

Pay by credit card (Payment Form)

Pay using Paypal:
As soon as the state has processed your order, we will email you with the status and a copy of the certificate. Then we will mail the certificate via postal mail on the same business day at no additional charge.

For expedited returns: please indicate Fed Ex, UPS or Golden State account number or credit card number for expedited shipping charges.