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Court Services

SOS Corporate & Court Services is your one-stop solution to help get your escrow closed on time. We work closely with title/escrow, the buyer/seller, the realtors and the lender to facilitate efficient closings.

Utilizing our services will keep you in complete control of the closing process. No longer will you, the buyer, the seller or the realtor needlessly have to scramble at the last minute because the lender requires a dissolution of marriage, letters of testamentary, satisfaction of judgment or a copy of a bankruptcy. We can facilitate timely closings by obtaining any number of documents already filed or those documents you need filed.

With our Court Service Ordering, we not only offer court abstracting, we also obtain plain/certified copies upon request. SOS Corporate & Court Services frequents the following court jurisdictions daily:

  • United States Bankruptcy Court

  • United States District Court

  • Family Law

  • Probate

  • Superior

  • Municipal

  • Small Claims

Follow these steps to place your order:

Step 1: Complete the order form.

Choose a form below to open the order form in your web browser. Fill out the form and save it to your hard drive.

For birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records, or other recorded documents, use this form:

Step 2: Send the order form to us.

Send the order form to us via email, fax, or postal mail:

FAX: (916) 442-4873

Mailing address:



FOLSOM, CA 95630

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your order and with an estimate of the court's processing time. When your order is processed, we will email, fax or route your order.

Call for a quote.

For expedited returns: Please indicate Fed Ex, UPS or Golden State account number or credit card number for expedited shipping charges.

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Court Services


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