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Business Entity Document Filing - Other Business Filings

If received by 3:00 pm PST, we submit your order in-person to the proper SOS office counter the same business day at no extra charge. Then we track your filing's status with the Secretary of State system throughout the process. When your order is completed, we send it to your pre-designated mailing address the same business day.

Follow these steps to send your order to us:

Step 1: Complete the cover sheet.

Click the link below to open our cover form in your web browser. Fill out the form and save it to your hard drive.

SOS Corporate & Court Services Document Filing Form (PDF)

Step 2: Determine the fee and complete the appropriate form.

Refer to the table below to find the form and total fee for the document you wish to file. Click the form link to access the Secretary of State form on the site. Complete the form and save it to your hard drive to email to us as an attachment or to print and mail.

Fee Breakdown:
Total fees include our $35 service fee plus the following state fees where applicable:

California Secretary of State fees: filing and statutory fees + $15 over-the-counter (OTC) fee + $5-6 certified copy fee

State Turnaround Options:
Standard (about 5-6 days)
24 Hour (for orders placed before 3pm)
Same Day (for orders placed before 9:30am)

Extra Copies:
To order an extra copy of the filing document, add $6 for the first page plus $.50 per additional page.

Step 3: Make a payment.

Pay for your order by one of the following methods:

  • With mail-orders, enclose check payable to
       SOS Corporate & Court Services

  • Paypal

Step 4: Send documents to us.

Send the cover sheet and California Secretary of State filing document to us via email, fax, or postal mail:

Email: [email protected]

FAX: (916) 442-4873

Mailing address:

520 9th STREET, SUITE 103

We will email you to confirm we have received your order. Once the order has been processed by the state, we will email your filing document to you and mail it via postal mail on the same business day at no additional charge.

For expedited returns: please indicate Fed Ex, UPS or Golden State account number or credit card number for expedited shipping charges.

Table of Filing Forms and Fees - Other Business Filings

 24 Hour
 Same Day
Registration of Unincorporated Nonprofit Association (Form LP/UNA 128)
Statement by Unincorporated Association (UA-100)
Statement by Common Interest Development Association (Form SI-CID)
Statement by Foreign Lending Institution (Form LL-25)
Supplement to Statement by Foreign Lending Institution (Form LL-25A)
Statement by Foreign Partnership (Form LL-27)
Resignation of Agent for Service of Process (Form RA-100)
Information Requests (Info)
Special Handling & Preclearance and Expedited Filing Services (Info)

Note: For a full list of business entity forms, filing tips and related information, go to